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My name is Christina Hughes. Creating visual images through photography and graphic design is my passion. Some of the major highlights of my life’s journey include:


  • Studying at Southwest Missouri State University where I was the photo editor of my university yearbook, and studied art and photography

  • Successful internship with Bass Pro Shops' headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, where I was immersed in catalog and product photography

  • Photographer of the Year  at my first portrait job at Glamour Shots 

  • Developed training techniques and manuals at Glamour Shots corporate offices

  • Designed Fender Guitars—relics

  • Owned and  operated a successful portrait studio in Wheatland, Missouri 

  • Co-owned and worked director of design and photography for Bryant Business Graphics and Photography 

  • Designed and published in Rout 66 Missouri Magazine

  • Publishing photography in LA Magazine, The Gilded Serpent, The Chronicles, Buffalo Index, and 417 Magazine, Stubborn  Magazine, and Gotica Da Fetish.

  • Participated in art show galleries

  • Manager at Lumino Studios 

  • Manager Paragon Photographers Studios

  • Owner Christina L Hughes Photography




Now located in Bolivar - Springfield Missouri area. 



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